Actualización Enero

– Conferencias en Lovaina: ¿Un mundo sin política?

September 17-19, 2009

K.U. Leuven, Belgium.

Please send a two-page abstract to by April
1st 2009.

Conference Description:

In response to globalization, international political structures are rapidly
changing. The emerging world order is characterized by a growing and complex network of regional and transnational institutions which shape an
increasingly interconnected global order in a way that undermines the
sovereign independence of nation-states. Because of the growing importance
of international law and the technocratic nature of these new institutions,
the emergence of the global governance structure has often been analyzed as
a process of depoliticization. Whereas politics is supposed to be about a
visible, organized and ongoing struggle for power, the very concept of
governance, as a form of “government without opposition”, seems to refer to
a bureaucratic and consensual way of organizing society.

Although some have hailed the increasing reliance on law, expert knowledge
and consensus as a reinforcement of democracy, others have argued that the
process of depoliticization helps to conceal the true power relations
underlying the global structure and contributes to the disempowerment of
citizens world wide in their attempts to shape the global order in a
democratically legitimized manner. It is the purpose of this conference to
analyze the alleged depoliticization of the global order and to reflect on
the ways in which this process affects the prospects of some form of global

The following speakers have been confirmed:

Jean Cohen, Joshua Cohen & Charles Sabel, Chantal Mouffe, Etienne Balibar,
Boaventura de Sousa Santos, Maragaret Moore, & Andreas Kalyvas.

– Tercer encuentro sobre Filosofía Política y Moral (Londres)

El día 27 de marzo de 2009 se celebrará en Londres el 3º Forum In Moral & Political Philosophy, dirigido a estudiantes de doctorado. El envío de abstracts está abierto hasta el día 15 de febrero. Más información aquí.

– Decimoprimer Congreso Kantiano Internacional (Pisa)

Los días 22-26 de mayo de 2010 se celebrará en Pisa el IX Congreso Kantiano Internacional sobre “Kanti i la Filosofia en Senso Cosmpolitico”. El envío de comunicaciones está abierto hasta el 31 de mayo de 2009. Más información en la página web.

– Conferencia de Estudiantes de Doctorado en Filosofía (Estocolmo)

29 y 30 de Mayo de 2009. Envío de comunicaciones abierto hasta el 2 de febrero. Más información aquí.



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